6. May 2013 | Spring On The Rocks

spring on the rocks_im glas

These icecubes

1. are a perfect match with the current European spring weather.
2. go with every drink as long as it’s transluscent. So their beauty isn’t lost.


Edible blooms such as Daisies, Violas, Roses (which should be in full bloom by now, but…) Elder (which should be in full bloom by now, but…).

Ice cold water

Ice Tray


Wash blooms and put them into the ice tray with their heads facing down. Then shock-freeze them by putting them immediately into the freezer. This way you preserve their vivid colors.
Pour ice cold water over the frozen blooms after approx. 30 minutes. Put them right back into the freezer. Wait for about one or two hours until your Spring On The Rocks is done. Enjoy!

spring on the rocks_step 1spring on the rocks_step 2

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